Custom jewelry in 4 steps

Do you know our tailor-made design service?

Thanks to our jewelry partners, we are able to make a jewel at the height of your ambitions. For example, this client wanted to have a ring consistent with a jewel, from a family member, who was lost. With a few photos, we were able to reproduce this one "with an eye".
1️⃣ The first step is to establish a global idea of ​​the project, with photos, budgets and special criteria.
2️⃣ The second step is to receive the options, including the choice of stone, materials, partners for creation, as well as the price for each of them.
3️⃣ The third step is to refine details, including confirming the sizes and answering questions.
4️⃣ The fourth and last step is to give us the green light and appreciate the result.



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