Our Team and Jewelers

Mathieu Blanchard is the adventure of a son and his mother, Mathieu & Chantal, both passionate about art. Loving nature, it is often for us a source of calm, comfort and very often the starting point of our collections: natural materials, leather, wood, colors.

Why not just our creations?
To design a perfect piece of jewelry, meeting our high quality standards, it often takes more than one person. By teaming up with various jewelers, gemologists, setters and jewelry professionals, we ensure unparalleled finesse.


Chantal Jeanson

Matthew Chaume

Our partner jewelers

Audrey Seyer

Caroline Savoie

Caroline Néron

Christine Dwane

Marie-Michelle Faber

Gayane Avetisyan

Jean Bastien

Lisa-Marie Masse


Lynn Légaré

Melanie Denis

Michaud Michaud

RMR Jewelers

Romeo J.


Sonia Bandulet

Soëli Sieper

Tereva Colas

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