Men's earrings: how to wear them

Perhaps you are this type of man - the one who wants to express his personality using accessories: the one who knows that the piercings and the jewelry for men are now more than trend. There are many ways to carry your earrings. The most important thing to remember is that an earring (or two) must complete your look, without however completely diverting the rest of your outfit.

When to wear an earring?

Earrings are not considered as purely relaxed, purely formal accessories.

Consider your work environment. Some areas prevent the port of earrings or the decouit strongly, such as in food. It should not be forgotten that we must not remove the bore jewel before several months. Otherwise, there is a risk that the cavity is rebuky.

Do you have clients in the morning or have to go to a job interview? People have opinions and our choices influence the way they see us. Does that mean you should prevent yourself from being yourself?! Never ! It simply means that you murically reflected before choosing your accessories ... and what more attractiveness than a look thought in the smallest detail?

Match the complexion and face shape earrings

It is important that the earrings are assorted to the complexion of the skin and the shape of the face. Some colors that can not perfectly suit some dyed. Here are our recommendations (obviously, there is room for interpretation and only you know if you are good with our ideology):

The shape of the face will also play a primordial role in choosing the earring

How to wear a stylish earring

Like all other accessories, earrings must be assorted to your look.

Match it to your outfit

Your earring must complete your outfit in a harmonious way. Associate fun and colored earrings with trendy and / or casual clothes. Opt for a sober and discreet design to accompany your formal and / or professional outfits.

In all things, measure is good

The earrings must be small and / or size proportional to your stature.The large and / voluminous earrings will cause an imbalance, physical and stylistic.

Match the metals

The earrings are small accessories, but must be assorted to the colors of your other accessory and consisting of the same metal.

How much should I wear it?

Many celebrities and other influencers wear two earrings, others prefer to wear one. The choice is yours and will only depend on your preference.

Which caliber search?

Most ear piercings have calibers of the order of 20g to 18g. Medium-sized earrings have a 20g caliber. The higher the number, the lower the width of the stem.

What is a hypoallergenic material and should I worry about it?

The hypoallergenic earrings are intended for people with allergic reactions to certain types of metals. Most people who have these allergic reactions react to the presence of nickel within the metal mixture.

What is a good earring "to start"?

A good first earring is an earring you can keep more than 6 weeks without feeling discomfort during the healing of the piercing. Choose a pattern with other accessories - like your favorite watch and your fetish bracelet.

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