How much do bracelets? How not to do too much or not enough

The bracelets, we like it to wear them! It adds punch to the day holding and helps us discreetly express our personality (even no needs to speak).

It is relatively easy to choose a bracelet that matters with its style of the day: the leather strip, the pearl bracelet where can be a chain bracelet. However, it is more difficult to innovate and to be original in the way of wearing its jewelry. Here are some jewelry trends of the moment and find out how to wear your bracelets without giving the impression of wanting to do too much.

How to choose the bracelet adapted to your needs

Master a few basic concepts can help you:

Proportion of the body vs the bracelet

The size of your bracelet should be proportional to your stature and it must be adjusted correctly. In other words, people with larger cuffs will need wider bracelets, and people with closer wrists will use finer bracelets.

In addition, the bracelet must be sufficiently tight than to be carried comfortably, without provoking the slightest embarrassment. Some bracelets, such as bracelets consisting of aligned pearls on elastic cords are single size and are therefore not extensible at will.

A cumbersome metal bracelet constantly alleged and returns on your forearm could irritate you quickly. All models whose weight is consistent should be adjusted, while lighter bracelets can be worn more freely.

The ideal size

A properly adjusted bracelet will leave a little space between itself and your wrist ... without slipping up down to your forearm / your hand.

You should be able to slide 1 or 2 fingers between the bracelet and your wrist. For the size of your wrist, the ideal is to take a flexible measuring tape (often used for sewing).

Style and Look General

What is the look for? This is the key question. Bracelets - and accessories in general - are used to customize your look. Think about the style you want to develop and remember that your style should look like you and put yourself in a position of confidence.

Do not wear brilliant metals. This could lose value to your look: you probably already heard that too much is like not enough. Privilege the combinations of materials, combining, for example, the metal to a natural element such as the leather, in order to magnify the metal character while attenuating its ostentatious effects ... an ideal compromise.

Know where you go

Remember: it is allowed to remove its bracelets.

You will probably have one or two favorite bracelets, but nothing requires you to wear them all the time (or all at the same time). Some bracelets are better adapted to some occasions than others.

For example, for formal events, we recommend using a simple, narrow and discreet bracelet, preferably dark color. You can also wear a silver or golden chain.

Stacking: How to wear multiple bracelets at a time

This is a style adopted by many popular personalities than many of us dream of copying; Several bracelets worn together around the wrist for a unique, experienced and relaxed styla.

Fifteen bracelets that slide from top to bottom on your arm: it may seem pretty picture, but can also be cumbersome and annoying for everyday use. Especially if you have to use your computer keyboard and mouse all day.

Start by simply stacking 3 to 4 bracelets of the same style, even if these are not perfectly matched. Do not use bracelets that are all of the same color or metal. The ideal solution is to combine several different colors and materials. Try for example to match 2 pearl bracelets to a natural leather strap. If the result suits you and you feel confident, add a second leather bracelet of different width.

Your watch will have to be considered an integral part of this stack. In most cases, 2 bracelets arranged at it will suffice to obtain the desired effect.

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  • Jacques

    Bonjour, je vous avoue que je déteste cette “mode” de porter un nombre incaculable de bracelets, qui à mon avis s’éliminent les uns les autres, ne mettant absolument pas en valeur un bracelet de qualité noyé au milieu des autres.
    J’ai échangé ce jour avec une amie très coquette qui m’a avoué porter souvent 7 bracelets à un bras et 6 à l’autre, et elle n’a pas accepté mon point de vue, qui m’avait pourtant été conforté par une amie bijoutière traditionnelle, et partageant tout à fait mon point de vue.
    Je vous remercie de votre avis, qui pourrait me permettre de convaincre mon amie dans le “trop” qu’elle n’a pas trop bon goût dans ce cas précis. A moins que vous soyez tout à fait d’accord avec elle…
    Recevez mes courtoises salutations.

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