How to measure your ring size

Knowing the size of your finger size to buy a future ring is imperative, because there is nothing worse than wearing jewelry or clothing that is not your size or being wrong about the size of the ring of engagement. Some rings cannot be adjusted or may require an adjustment fee

For our part, we offer the first _ _ bet at greatness on all our sterling silver or real gold rings . Some sizes require however a readjustment _ _ of price . That explains himself _ by example by the addition _ of one _ Pierre on a rush eternity , _ by the quantity _ of metal   used _ for this adjustment . He is also _ important of to know that some rings not can not to be adjusted _ _ them rings in wood , steel stainless and tungsten _ _ . We you recommend of we contact before the purchase if the size is not assured: we provide a physical tool ( plastic ring sizer ) for taking the size.

The methods are the same for men and women.

2 ways to know your finger size:

  1. The best method to determine your ring size is of course to use a ring sizer . It allows you to accurately determine your finger circumference. There are rings in the shape of a ring (available in stores) or in plastic like this one .
  2. The second possibility is to use a non-elastic thread to know the circumference of your finger. Go around your finger with the thread, locate the place where the thread crosses and then measure using a ruler. The advantage of this technique and that it can be done from anywhere. The disadvantage, despite its simplicity, an error see a lack of precision may be committed.

Ring size correspondence table by country

We let's try of answer _ _ to better at these matches . Being _ a company Canadian , we use by default _ _ the measure North American . That being so just a habit , we can work in all them matches of sizes possible .

Here is a picture summary _ _ of the main correspondences in measure of Ring:

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