How to take care of your jewelry

Jewelry is one of the things we treasure the most. Whether it's a gift from a loved one or a special occasion, you'll always remember the moment you wore it.

However, over time and constant contact with the skin, the jewelry wears out and loses its luster.

Fortunately, this is a reversible natural phenomenon. Taking care of your jewelry will keep it looking its best for as long as possible.

Here are some tips for caring for your gem.


Caring for gold jewelry

Gold is a precious & timeless metal, known for its unparalleled brilliance and durability. You certainly know that all jewelry requires maintenance, even real gold. So what to do?

Wipe the gold jewelry with cotton or a soft cloth after each use, then gently rub them with a chamois - suede leather to restore their shine. You can also use mild soap and warm water if you need to clean your jewelry more thoroughly, for this, soak for a few minutes and clean with a soft brush.

Finally, to avoid scratches, it is important to store gold jewelry in individual boxes or bags when not being worn.

* Avoid soaking jewelry with pearls


Caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver oxidizes when exposed to chlorine, moisture, perspiration, cosmetics, bleach and other harsh chemicals. To prevent tarnishing where possible, we recommend that you store your fine jewelry in a safe, dry place while doing household chores or while sleeping (this is part of your sleep hygiene ).

For the maintenance of your sterling silver jewelry, nothing better than a cleaning cloth , impregnated with cleaning products. For a deep clean, there are liquid solutions, as well as this homemade trick: baking soda combined with white vinegar. To do this, simply pour white vinegar into a container that can completely cover your jewelry. Also add some baking soda to the vinegar and place your jewelry there. Let sit for a few seconds, then take out and rub them lightly with a dry cloth to remove dirt and restore shine.

* Avoid soaking jewelry with pearls


Caring for Stainless Steel Jewelry

One of the advantages of 304 - 316 stainless steel is that it is resistant to water, perspiration, also resists corrosion very well and therefore does not rust easily.

There are simple and effective ways to restore the glory of stainless steel. The first and simplest is to wash your stainless steel jewelry with mild soap such as Marseille soap or dishwashing detergent. However, please rinse well with clean water afterwards.

Baking soda is an excellent special cleaner for stainless steel, simply pour a small amount of powder into boiling water until well blended. This solution is used to clean stainless steel before rinsing and wiping. After that, you will be able to wear your jewelry shinier than ever again.

Maintenance of jewelry with precious stones

In order to keep the stone shiny, do not hesitate to clean it every month. At Mathieu Blanchard, we offer service and we can help you maintain it well from a distance .

The Ruby

Don't be afraid to wash your rubies at home. Use warm soapy water and a very soft cloth slightly moistened with olive oil. It is vital for the stone to avoid contact with chemicals. Indeed, the chemicals tarnish the stone. Rubies can also be steam or ultrasonically cleaned.

The Sapphire

The hardness of sapphire is slightly lower than that of diamond, so do not let these two stones come into contact, as the diamond can scratch the sapphire. To maintain this stone, simply rub it with a small, very soft brush and lukewarm water and mild soap. Then rinse your jewelry well with lukewarm water and rub it with a soft cloth.

The Emerald

Because of its fragility, the emerald requires a great deal of finesse to retain all its brilliance. To fill in the natural microcracks of the emerald, and therefore to enhance its color, the emerald can be regularly lubricated with sweet almond, sandalwood or cedar oil. However, it is strongly advised against using chemicals on the stone. Likewise, try to avoid excessive temperature fluctuations as much as possible.

Also to clean your stone and avoid prematurely removing this oil, it is better to use a cleaning cloth .

If your emerald seems really dirty, you can immerse it in water at room temperature for a few hours, rub it gently and air dry it. Be aware that emerald will not withstand dishwashing liquid, salt or ultrasound well.

Maintenance of jewelry with pearls

Pearls become dull when in contact with acidic products such as perfumes, cosmetics, creams and perspiration. It is also advisable to avoid soaking the pearls. When they come into contact with water or any liquid, the pearls are slowly beginning to fade and move away from the pristine cream-pink-white-black color they once had to more yellow and gray tones.

Wipe your pearls with a soft, damp cloth after wearing them and before storing them.

Avoid cleaning the pearls with corrosive products or toothbrushes as the pearls are fragile.

If there is a stain, rub it with a soft cloth and olive oil to moisturize it. But be careful how you store your pearls, as mother-of-pearl is a fragile material and can easily scratch if it comes into contact with other jewelry. Therefore, store pearl jewelry separately from other jewelry in its original box or wrapped in a soft cloth.


As easy as jewelry maintenance may seem, it's a good idea to go to a jewelry artisan at least every year for a full evaluation, so it will last longer. At Mathieu Blanchard, we offer service and we can help you maintain it well from a distance .

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