The 4 kinds of jewelry you need to own

It is important for jewelry to be accompanied by the skin. Some colors that can not perfectly suit some dyed. Here are our recommendations (obviously, there is room for interpretation and only you know if you are good with our ideology):

1. Earrings Pass everywhere

Make sure they have a comfortable tie and the main material is solid.

You think your favorite of the moment will not suit you to the office? Think about twice: we would not want to buy jewelry that will take the dust at the bottom of the trunk. Opt for clean lines: small rings, simple pearls or small diamonds. Too many frills tend to attract your eyes. The daily earrings must complement your look and not steal the star.

2. The collar that highlights

The necklace is the centerpiece of the jewelry box: If you choose the right model, it will certainly value your face, neck and bust! Obviously, there is room for interpretation and only you know if you are good with our ideology.

3. The bracelet that evolves

Choosing the model of your basic bracelet does not come back to be seduced by the aesthetics of the first bracelet seen. Even if it's an important point, you must first analyze are skin dyed, take a consideration from its morphology and know your clothing style. A bracelet that can be decorated with other bracelets in the evening. A chain, for example.

4. The pair of sunglasses
Everyone will agree with this: a pair of solar glasses, the good pair of glasses, add a big plus to style. We have all been at least once jealous of an actress that wears his glasses with Class. If you remember this actor, and probably you have seen it in many places, always with the same pair of sunglasses. Why? Because the pair of glasses completes a person's identity and focuses on the look.

Everything is in the form

The way your glasses adapt to your face is the key. A good basic rule is to make sure that the mount does not touch any part of your cheeks when you smile or when your face is relaxed. If your mount touches your cheeks is that it is too small. Your mount must also fit perfectly on the edge of your nose.

Know your morphology

Classic or dare?

There is of course full of loyal classic mounts, but solar glasses are a must-have accessories. Designers are experimenting with new frame styles all the time - let yourself be tempted.

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