The different cuts of gems

Gems have long been prized for their beauty, rarity and brilliance. One of the most important features that determines their appearance is their cut. Cutting a gem can transform a raw stone into a sparkling, dazzling piece of jewelry. In this article, we will explore the various most popular gem cuts, highlighting their characteristics and appeal. To facilitate your understanding, we will also present a summary table of the most common gem cuts.

Brilliant round cut

The round brilliant cut is one of the most classic and popular shapes for diamonds and other gems. This cut has a large number of facets, which allows it to reflect and refract light optimally. The result is a dazzling shine that highlights the natural beauty of the stone. The shiny round cut is ideal for people looking for a timeless and elegant aesthetic.

Princess cut

The princess cut is a popular square or rectangular cut shape for diamonds. It typically has a total of 58 facets, offering a perfect balance between brilliance and modernity. The corners of the stone can be slightly rounded or sharply defined. The princess cut is versatile and can be used in different styles of jewelry, whether rings, earrings or pendants.

Emerald cut

The emerald cut is a rectangular or square cut that is often used for emeralds, but is also suitable for other gemstones such as diamonds. This cut is characterized by large flat facets that highlight the clarity of the stone. The effect is a sophisticated and elegant appearance, perfect for those who prefer a subtle glow rather than an intense glow.

Oval cut

The oval cut is similar to the round brilliant cut, but it features an elongated oval shape. This cut is ideal for those who want a classic look with a modern twist. Oval cut gems may appear larger than their actual size due to their elongated shape. They are very versatile and can be used in a variety of jewelry.

Marquise cut

The marquise cut is a teardrop cut with pointed ends. This elegant shape is often used to maximize the carat weight of a stone while still providing exceptional luster. Marquise cut diamonds can appear larger than they actually are, making them a great choice for those looking for a bold and unique appearance.

Cushion cut

The Cushion cut, also known as the "pillow cut", features a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners. This cut offers a combination of soft angles and shimmering facets, creating a warm, romantic glow. Cushion cut diamonds are perfect for those looking for a vintage and glamorous appearance.

Asscher Cup

The Asscher cut is a square cut with stepped facets. This cut features geometric symmetry and a unique appearance. Asscher cut diamonds offer a distinctive and captivating sparkle, ideal for those who appreciate bold, retro designs.

Baguette Cup

The Baguette cut is an elongated rectangular cut with rounded corners. This cut is often used for side stones in engagement rings or for Art Deco style jewelry. Baguette cut diamonds offer an elegant and modern look, with a subtle brilliance that highlights the purity of the stone.

Pear cut

The Pear cut, also called the "drop cut", is a teardrop cut that combines the oval shape and the marquise shape. This cut is very versatile and can be used for rings, necklaces and earrings. Pear cut diamonds offer an elegant and graceful appearance, with a delicate point that attracts attention.

Summary table of the most common gem cuts

Cut Description
Round shiny Classic, dazzling shine
Princess Square or rectangular, modern
Emerald Rectangular or square, flat facets
Oval Elongated oval, versatile
Marquise Teardrop shape, pointed ends
Cushion Square or rectangular with rounded corners, vintage look
Asscher Square with stepped facets, bold and retro
Baguette Elongated rectangular with rounded corners, elegant look
Pear Teardrop shaped, combining oval and marquise, graceful and delicate

Different gem cuts offer a variety of options for those looking to add a unique sparkle to their jewelry. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of the round brilliant cut, the modernity of the princess cut, the sophistication of the emerald cut or the vintage look of the Cushion cut, there is a gem cut that will match your taste and style. style. Check out our summary table to help you choose the perfect gem cut for your next piece of jewelry and let it shine


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