Jewelry and accessories trends for fall 2022

 For fall 2022 and 2023, warm colors will be a must. These tones can be associated with strong emotion, liveliness, freshness. In short, dare warm colors this fall.

Jewels carrying messages, with a personal dimension are always well appreciated. We are talking about jewels that have a link with certain parts of our lives: an astrological sign, initials, a birthstone or as above, a jewel symbol of perseverance or travel.
This fall / winter , he do n't there has not of rule _ _ golden _ _ for arrange your jewelry . gold _ _ and the money _ and different _ _ stones / materials _ _ to next to you proudly . By example , above , _ _ here is a duo of pearls semi-round freshwater with gold rings set of moissanites ( stones eco-friendly - responsible ).

The pearls of all them sizes and form are them currently featured . By luck , he in exist of all them colors for satisfied all them tastes _ _ .

Hoop / hoop-inspired earrings add punch to any outfit . These will not go unnoticed. The huggies style is appreciated because it is comfortable.

There are different versions of huggies for all tastes, ranging from the simplest rings, of different thicknesses, to earrings paved with semi-precious stones, with 2 or 3 tones, or even adorned with charms.

Jewelry is rarely worn alone and bags are a must. In our more conscious and ecological choices, we prioritize the vegan leather bag. The backpack is very trendy. For example, above, the Fauve backpack, with a reminder of the golden color, with its chain.

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