What gem choose for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day, considered in many countries as the festival of lovers, is a perfect day to offer a jewel, a gift to the person who shares our life. 

Some offers the famous Ring that makes you dream, other offers Earrings, bracelet, necklace and why not a watch? The important thing is to choose with heart. A gift made and chosen with heart will always have a greater impact.

Heart-shaped jewelry
essentials of the Valentine's Day

The festival of love that is Valentine is synonymous with romance, but also of heart. On the market, there are many heart-shaped jewelry and we collaborate with various jewelers and businesses in the area to offer a selection of quality jewelry, at fair price and reflects current and future trends (we like and advocate timeless and / or unique products.).

We can help you

Still too difficult to choose? We can help you with some photos, a summary description of the habits of this person, as well as the budget to respect. In our case, we will not propose higher value parts, unless it is impossible to do otherwise given the nature of the demand / wish, and we will do our best in order to propose a product at the height of Your expectations, who will please lucky person.

What material choose?

The choice of the gift can also be influenced by the desired material and its color. Each of these has advantages and their own property. We find gray, golden, rosé and black metals. The yellow or pink gold color is a popular choice for this occasion.

Stainless steel
The first advantage with stainless steel found in jewelry is its composition with more than 10.5% chrome, which makes it ever rust. In addition, the jewel are normally very affordable, but rarely worked in hand and therefore, products made on a larger scale.

Sterling Silver 925
It is appreciated for various reason, but mainly for its brilliance, its color, its price, as well as its ease to be worked / repaired by a jeweler. Sterling money is much more accessible than platinum and gold and makes it possible to make more daring or have more metals. This material tends to tarnish, but it will always be possible to clean to restore its brilliance. 

Gold 10k, 14K or 18K:
Gold is a classic of jewelery and is a favorite for a long time! It is appreciated for these reflections, dyed (white, yellow, pink, etc.), as well as for its ability to be worked / repaired by a jeweler. Gold is also easy to maintain and recognized to be easy to clean.

The gold content of a jewel is measured in carats.a 24 carats, gold is pure (or end), but it is too soft to make jewelry. To increase its hardness, one mixes one or more other metals, such as copper, silver and iron. The more golden gold in the alloy, the higher the number of carats: thus, a jewel 18 carat has 18 parts of fine gold for 6 parts of alloy (or 75% end). )

Why veneer on some jewelry?

To accentuate the shine or change the color of some jewels, they are added a finishing plating.

For example, to bring out white gold whiteness or prevent tarnishing with a silver jewel, it is steady to finish the creation of the latter with a rhodium veneer. On the market, there are also various silver jewelry or plated stainless steel so that the main material is camouflaged by this finish of a golden / rosé / black color.

Rhodium veneer is strongly loved and encouraged in the field.

A jewel worn daily will wear out and it is the same for plating: the jewel will eventually display the basic color (gray for stainless steel and silver).

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