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We want to help men, women and children to assume theirs.

Jewelry and accessories are not reserved for special occasions, nor intended only for a small part of the population. These are not gadgets, neither objects necessarily very chic. It's about telling your story and allow you to express your individuality. One of the methods to achieve this goal is to use small objects - this is where the jewels & accessories come into play.

Mathieu Blanchard offers accessories for men, women and children, high quality, trendy and just priced. We have more than 50 brands and collections. We launch several collections each year and make your disposal of many guides that will allow you to get the best of each of your new accessories.

Do you want to discover the artists behind our products? Discover the listhere.


The story of Mathieu Blanchard

These are the choices we do that define our history.

What story will you tell?

Discover the professional history of Mathieu Blanchard and so, discover what has made the young entrepreneur decided to launch, in October 2019, an online shop concept that mixes jewelry of all kinds, accessories, and his shots of heart.


2011 - 2013

All beautiful stories have a start ... and the story of Mathieu Blanchard started with a passion for corporal piercing and the jewelry of the estate.

When I was able to show myself as piercer professionalI was just 16 years old and I was in the last secondary year. I accumulated, at that time, 1 year of training and I had supported people. 1 year learning, fears, energy and by chance of a little naivety: I madly want to live with this passion in the short term.

Do you know what young entrepreneurs should be ready to succeed? Well, I agree with this principle. I then gave heart and soul to evolve this adventure and my 18 years old, I could say that well live only drilling was possible.





Thanks Mom!

With a hardly earned economy in recent years, mixing corporal holes, contracts freelance In advertising / graphics, we started in this great adventure of entrepreneurship. We ? Yes Yes!

Armed with naivety and a huge desire to succeed, I asked my mother to help me officially launch a shop, rue pinion, in the field of corporal drilling. Surprise! After one fat 30-minute family discussion, she said yes.

"It's important to do what we love in life and believe in its ideas. »
- Chantal J (Mom)

24 hours later, we had found our first commercial premises and signed a 2 year old lease, in the city center of Drummondville. After 3 months of renovation, layout of the local and a complete devotion of the family to complete the project, we were willing to receive the first customers. Opening date of the Adrenaline studio - Drummondville? October 1, 2015

At the time, relatives, family and friends simply replied that it came from either that it happens. Although some thought that, without doing a thorough market study, it was doomed to failure and that my desire to succeed was rather risky.



The evolution of adrenaline

If someone had warned me that I would have to work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, investing any economy, and put an end to all social life, I may have thought twice before starting us , me and my mom, in this adventure. PTo be quite correct, a dozen peopledid it and I still did to my head. I imagine that's what makes the desire to succeed makes sense.

The first 8 months, I admount a second full-time job, allowing you to start and grow the business. Meanwhile, Studio Adrenaline - Drummondville Gradually becomes an urban jewelery. Little by little, brand by brand, in addition to drilling: ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, watches, bore jewelery were now offered in store.



Studio Adrenaline - Drummondville becomes jewelry the duo.

As of January 15, 2017, it's official, Studio Adrenaline - Drummondville give way to Jewelery the duo. I still remember very well a little strange feeling and the thrill that I felt by getting home, after making the official announcement of change. A mixture of intense happiness, excitement, stress, anxiety and fear of cracking at any time: I was now part, with the company, the big family of Quebec jeweleries.

Mom (covers all the hours of the store), dad, brothers, aunts, cousins, best friend, everyone has put her hand with dough one day or the other. Teaches, furniture, event, place the many new displays, orders, accounting ... No time for rest.



The end of an adventure.

On February 8, 2018, the big heart, with hard-to-describe emotions, I unexpectedly announce the jewelry closure the duo. An interesting offer, too interesting to be refused offered me. After reflection, it was the perfect opportunity to forge my experience and therefore, a good decision.

A dose of incredible love until the end of this month was felt. Some cried, others took us in their arms, others made the detour to greet us and wish us good luck in our future projects.

Everything is liquidated. We left our 2m house on March 1, 2018.



A new story

A big comeback in the field! I always wanted to create much more than just a shop and it was in 2019 that I dare finally throw the ultimate project: create a jewelry shop, accessories and favorites for my name. Certainly, Chantal, my mom said yes, once again, to help me in this new adventure: she too was bored! We have bossed like crazy for months to create something unique, in the smallest detail. And this is howwww.mathieublanchard.cawas born.



  • Sylvie T

    Je suis très impressionné par ton cheminement et toujours aussi fiers d’être cliente. Ma première bague de toi date déjà de 5-6 ans. Continue ton beau travail. À bientôt!

  • Daniel Boucher

    Très hâte d’aller visiter ta boutique Mathieu… ta commandite aux événements Sunshine t’a fais gagner au moins un client… moi-même et ma blonde !!!

    Très belle entreprise que je recommande à tous !!!

  • Caroline G

    Bonjour, Étant une maniaque des bijoux, je suis tombée sur votre site par hasard aujourd’hui. J’ai été impressionnée par la créativité des artisans, dont vous faites partie, et la beauté de vos bijoux. Je risque certainement d’être une future cliente. Bravo!

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